of blockade: To block off an area, in time of war usually .Can be done with land vehicles, but in mostly with boats, or in future times, space ships. Here is another:

This word represents Jeffersons presidencey because what he was trying to get past so very hard, was this. He also made one too. A blockade. In a way, it is actually very hard to go past a blockade with a trading ship. Then after a while, he blockaded his own country from foreign trade. But that didn't stop people from visiting their grandma's in Britain or France of Spain alot.

Thank you cdn.dipity, for this nice picture of a blockade (I couldn't find out how to put on on here :/)

I can link this to the movie Shaun of the Dead, a comedy/zombie Apocolapse movie directed by Edgar Wright. When at first, Shaun is too hungover to notice the zombies have taken over the entire town in the morning because he was too busy trying to sort himself out. Then, later, he is at a pub, with a friend holding off agaisnt the zombies, in a blockade. Although gradually, the blockade gets smaller and smaller, like the one in America because it wasn't working. If anything, the traders just got more money because they were just "visiting their grandma". And at the begining, he was trying to solve other problems and wasn't noticeing the real problem, although still didn't do that well even when he did.

You might be able to find the pirated version on youtube, but, it is a long movie and the pirates probably didn't cover it all anyways.

-Joshua Benedict

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