Dolly Madison
Adam and Matt


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Dolly Madison was a James Madison wife. She was most commonly known for her bravery when the British were attacking the White House.
Since her husband was a Republican she believed in Republican roles and Jefferson also believed in those same roles. They are also both great pieces of history.

How does this Picture relates to My word
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I drew a batman symbol because Dolly was a hero like Batman.
I drew a book of a biography because these are what Dolly Madison saved from the White House.
I drew no respect because woman back then did not get nearly as much respect as men.
external image DkQ2_YQJgVVS-_PDnwwf_aPieW4vdVGdyFm5GwTYF9uMvxJlzjrEFNJcHo0CZGEgQu8U13T1-D9GlzStMnTpwHTRYI2n-SI9mbMQ0Z9QMbStKJAnDZU*
I have the Atlanta Braves symbol because they are called the braves and Dolly Madison was a very brave person of her time.


How does the sample represent the word and its connection to Jefferson?
Stronger by: Kelly Clarkson
She didn’t die getting the biographies and therefore it made her stronger.
Women in Black (film)
Even though the main character could have died he doesn’t give up.
Bears getting Brandon Marshall
The bears knew it was a risk to get Marshall but they took the risk anyway.
This relates to Dolly Madison because it is a video that Mr.Kannan gave me about Dolly Madison that is Amazing

Textbook Line and Page number
Feelings about the line
330. “Dolly Madison gathered important papers and biographies and fled the White House”
She was very brave and wanted to save some of the information about the history of her country
330. “Americans were shocked that the army couldn’t defend Washington”
She has more courage then the army

1. In as many ways as possible, how can your word tie into chapter 9? Your answers do not have to be about Thomas Jefferson, but rather anything in Chapter 9

My person ties into chapter 9 because a lot of this chapter is about important people who defended America from British, French and Native Americans and she did just that.