Laissez Faire
Laissez Faire- the government should not interfere with the economy.

Explanation: Laissez faire connects to Jefferson’s presidency because he believed the government should not do with the economy at all. Also later in his presidency he did interfere with the economy by shutting down foreign trade and made unemployment rose. Also by down sizing the army he made Laissez faire possible by making government less powerful.external image WNHi_yWLEdheQLqstcauqxNukqBvy4XktzWlsBTnRYz7b153x5qPIEApeEPPylpkTLbz7iE5rSFManGltWQCWCc5Dp-zzYhn2f4eoDs9ac3LWGRsVdI
This image shows Laissez Faire and Jefferson’s presidency because Jefferson shut down overseas trade and ruined the economy unlike Laissez Faire which say not to do that.external image XR94CB__WrNho_rDRp4oQN75MBsDohc_Md7gTx3KKGkfUWHYzwX0bS3E3Fw5g0hv7koQVfG2pxN_nRVWl_w_6VlYG0juyWH5wyojkw91bIY4OtvNd10
This picture represents the many unemployed people of the time of Laissez Faire. It applies to Jefferson’s Presidency because he created Laissez Faire and this created many unemployed people.
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This image connects to Laissez Faire and Jefferson’s presidency because the economy got really bad, the stock market crashed.
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This image relates to Jefferson’s presidency and Laissez Faire because he stopped all taxes.external image pbt0XlnvHhV14RUasZe5kAM5wsMkGLRr2vb6EFj2fpH-dCTitIX6K_9vYQxJun7YnmJ8laTBSUwJQMhylwS2OXSq2EpzrUlu9EAfVaHgbOLQ27kfEOw
This picture stands for a current event which is the recession. This current event has to do with the word Laissez Faire and Jefferson’s presidency because Jefferson also sent Americans into a recession when he messed with the economy. Unlike what Laissez Faire says.

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