Mississippi River

a river flowing S from N Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico:the principal river of the U.S. 2470 miles (3975 km) long;from the headwaters of the Missouri to the Gulf of Mexico3988 miles (6418 km) long.

Explanation: This reflects Jefferson's Presidency because The Mississippi River was a Major Line of use.It was also very important because most of the countries people were farmers and farmers needed the very large supply of water. It was used for travel and also to ship goods.But when The French cut us off from using it , The people were not happy with the low supply of supplies or not being able to explore there new country. When Jefferson bought The Louisiana Purchase, He was seen as a better president and a better figure for his people
This picture of water represents The Mississippi River because it is simply water and This represents Jefferson because Jefferson was in the act of democracy and his presidency was part of democracy and Democracy is just like water .Water never stops going on and Democracy is a never ending experiment.
A song that relates to Jefferson's presidencey is "till i collapse" by Eminem. This is so because when the Spaniards tried to stop the Americans from using the river, the Americans didn't back down and they negoiated things out. And the song "till i collapse" is about not giving up.
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-Tyler Murray
-Isaiah Rayes