Definition: Mr. Madison's War can be defined as "War of 1812, armed conflict between the United States and Great Britain, 1812–1815."

Explanation: Mr. Madison's War cannects to Jefferson because they both thought that they were doing the right thing for the country. They both messed up and ended up starting war for the entire country. This made them relate to the other person due to the whole starting a war didn't make a start choice and wanted to make the new nation better by making both parties happy.

external image f91aaaf9527f40e5769ab8372268d5f0_1M.png

This picture represents Mr. Madison's War because it started the war od 1812. This shows how the war was between American and Britian. As you can tell from the picure both sides are armed, and it is a close battle.
A song/video that relates Thomas Jefferson and James Madison together is is because it relates both of them is song and says how they are alike. They make the two people sound intresting and they are very percise on how the person is.
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