Neutrality: No Hue; No Emotion; No strong feelings

Neutrality relates to Jefferson's Presidency because, during his term, he wanted government to not be only lead by Republican ideas or only lead by Federalist ideas. He remained neutral and took no sides to solve the problem, and made decisions to please both Republicans and Federalists in a political stand still that froze the executive branch and the country.

For An Image of A chess board relating to Neutrality click here
This picture shows a chessboard where neither side has made a move. This represents neutrality because they are both at an equal place in the game, and therefore are neutral.

1. For a Futurama video on neutrality click here:For a Futurama Clip Click Here
This video shows neutrality because the alien in it does not jump to conclusions to trust or not trust the man he is talking to, instead he stands by and takes no sides. This relates to Jefferson's presidency in the same way. This is (in our opinion) a humorous way to almost make fun of what was happening at the time or a personification of what was happening at the time. So it does relate to his presidency as well

2. For a Futurama video on neutrality click here: For A Clip that defines Neutrality click here
This clip also shows Neutrality by almost defining it, it is only 4 seconds long intended to be humorous and only of a man with no hue or emotion in his voice saying "I have no strong feelings one way or the other." Defining neutrality in three ways. This relates to Jefferson's presidency too. This one might be a little more obvious than the last. Since this video is just a definition Neutrality it relates to it the same way the word "Neutrality" relates to Jefferson's presidency.

For One Last Neutral Media Clip Click Here To begin. <This clip was mainly my decision (Ian) so if you disagree with me do not take points off of the entire group just me. But I'm not saying to only give me points for it. If you agree with my opinion give Sam and Abby points too.> I have a strong opinion on this one that It represents Neutrality in an abstract way. I think that the "Happy Folk" are supposed to represent... well I don't necessarily know the specific thing. I guess you could consider it a Native american. Or a Monkey. Or a Chimpanzee or anything that was far off from the rest of us for a while but then greed and "strange folk" came. With lines in this like "without the truth to the eyes.... the happy folk were blind" or "here they played out their peaceful lives, innocent of the litany and violence that was growing in the world below" I believe they were trying to create a sense of distance that the happy folk had from the rest of the world. A sense of... Neutrality. They had no side in anything: not the immense amount of money in the mountain directly next to them, or all the violence and war coming down upon them not all the "strange folk" digging into their mountain, not their imminent destruction, they were neutral. This also relates to Jefferson's presidency because, in my opinion, the happy folk in this particular instance, represent America. And the "strange folk" represent all the terrible things about to come upon them that they had no power or idea about. While the 'mountain' represented Jefferson. Neutral at first, just there. Until... fire (war) came out of the monkey's head.

Ian, Sam, Abigail