Old Ironsides

Definition: The American ship the USS Constitution's nickname, gotten because of its thick sides that deflected British fire as if it was made of iron. The battle was the most famous sea battle of the war of 1812. (328)

Explanation: Old Ironsides connects to Jefferson's presidency because he was a strong president, and problems that came his way, like Britain's artillery fire, rebounded with little damage done as he came up with solutions. For example, when the Barbary States bullied America he stood up for his nation, planned an attack carefully, and defeated them, much like Old Ironsides stood up against fire and defeated Britain's warship. The textbook states that "To the Americans, it seemed as if the Constitution were made of iron." (328) This is important because it shows how strong the ship had to be to rebound fire, like how Jefferson had to be very tough to protect America.

This picture connects the word to Jefferson's presidency because Jefferson, as president, acted as a wall between America and its enemies. This is like how Old Ironsides had a thick wall that protected sailors from the British fire. Jefferson was the barrier that protected America from harm, and if he messed up the country was vulnerable. In a way, he was a blockade for the country, like the British used a blockade to divide America from its ports. For example, when Britain and France were bullying America it was up to Jefferson to protect America and decide what to do, and act as a wall between the problem and Americans.
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Media Connection: The Unbreakable Vow This video from Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince connects to Jefferson and Old Ironsides because the Unbreakable Vow, as the name suggests, cannot be broken. Old Ironsides got its name because of its strong, impenetrable sides. Jefferson was an unbreakable president, like the ship, because he kept working during tough times. If he had broken, he would have resigned, but he stayed strong for his country. For example, when America was being attacked by Britain and France, Jefferson tried to protect his nation with the embargo. It didn't work, but he gave it his best. After all, Jefferson made a vow to protect our nation when he became president, and he didn't break it. That's lucky for him, too, because in Harry Potter, if one breaks an Unbreakable Vow, he or she dies.

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