Definition: open organized,and armed resistance to one's government or ruler

Explanation: Rebellion connects to Jefferson because Federalists said that if Jefferson was elected, that they would then rebel. They didn't want him, and he was a Republican, so they said that they would raise the prospect of civil war if he was elected . Another reason Jefferson connects to rebellion is because he tried to rebel in a peaceful way against the French and British with this embargo. Also, when he walked his inauguration instead of riding in a fancy carriage, and he also shook their hands instead of them bowing to him, which was him rebelling against the customs.

external image 120px-United_States_nickel%2C_obverse%2C_2005.jpg

This picture represents rebellion and Thomas Jefferson because here on this nickle, Jefferson's face is enlarged and really big. On all of the other coins, there is not other presidents' face that is zoomed in on. This coin is rebelling in a way because this coin is going against the normal picture of the presidents' face and doing something different by having a big picture of Jefferson.

I think the song "Not Afraid" represents Jefferson and rebellion. I think this because if someone is to rebel, they cant be afraid. Something bad will most likely happen when you rebel against the government, and thy shouldn't be afraid because its their choice to rebel. I think Jefferson connects to "Not Afraid" because he wasn't afraid of the Federalist that said they would raise the prospect of civil war if he was elected President. He won the election, and he wasn't afraid to be a ruler. Also, he wasn't afraid to rebel against the customs that he thought was wrong when he walked his inauguration.

Sarabetje Fletcher, and Greta Fleischer- Period 7
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I really liked your connection to "Not Afraid". I would have never thought of that. - Clare (Julie and Megan)
I thought your connection to the coin and rebellion was interesting. I would of never thought of that. I don't really understand it... but i thought it was interesting