Resistance: 1 act against; strive against; appose

This word can relate to Jefferson and his presidency in several ways. First of all Jefferson used an embargo, he resisted foreign trade. He also attempted to resist being dragged in to foreign conflict.

This is a picture of a protest. I think it represents resistance because the people are resisting something that is going on. They are standing uo and doing something about it. Jeferson did this when he got rid of foreign trade. He basically protested trade between America and foreign countries.

Resistance is represented in the play Les Miz because it was the French Revolution and the characters are resisting against the Influence of the rich on the political process. The lower and middle class felt that only he rich, or upper class could uccupy positions of power in the government, so they resisted, or rebelled against the government untill they recieved what they wanted. Basically the whole play is about the people's resistance.

Olivia 7th period

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