Sacagawea-A Shoshone guide and interpreter; accompanied Lewis and Clark expedition 1804-05

Sacagawea relates to Jefferson's presidency because Lewis, Clark and Sacagawea were on the expidetion while Jefferson was in office.

A picture of a nickle and dollar coin connects with our word and Jefferson's presidency becuase Sacagawea and Jefferson are on coins because they are both apart of American History. Since they both have the honor of having their faces on American currency that we still use today, it shows how important both Sacagawea and Jefferson are to American history.
The book "Charlotte's Web" by E.B. White connects to Sacagawea because Charlotte helped and "guided" Wilbur just like Sacagawea guided Lewis and Clark.
For the trailer for the movie of "Charlotte's Web" click here.
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After reading your page I now understand how important Sacagewea was to American History! - Isabelle
This page taught me a lot about Sacagawea that I didn't know. For example, I didn't know she was on a coin. This was very interesting and informative! --Regina and Evelyn
I really liked the connections you guys made. They were very clever