Treaty of Ghent
1.) Ghent is a treaty that British and American’s had signed to end war. It’s a city in belgium, on the Scheldt River. Source: Google.
2.) Ghent represents Jefferson’s presidency because the president always signs treaties and petitions the Treaty of Ghent had to be signed.
3.)external image ZTNRDhan8dFMBgGKwSxXv4DhgsetQSZ3oxHyI3OCoIz4XicDSoHjYNfF08aPIiQuUzsfk6v6wfaCY_E7j3k_pm6QqMX64i7zHx0bf_UthJLkCCyzEFI__,-belgium.-image19881858__
This image explains Ghent because Ghent is a famous city in Belgium. With 3 popular buildings.
5.)A popular movie that was filmed in Ghent was Project X a comedy movie.