Battle of Tippecanoe

Definition:The battle was about how William Harrison the Governor of Indian territory thought the Shawnee brothers and others native Americans were trying to take over the territory.So he sent a thousand soldiers out to the village to battle.This battle was the high point for the Native Americans but Harrison's soldiers beat the Native Americans and since they got beat they continued to struggle along the years.

Representation of Jefferson:This represents Jefferson and his presidency because since the president controls the armed forces he probably knew that this battle was going to take place.external image LOp6sDpv4siraa7bKaFzBTzxgLTtVITSjQ6004vebiUYoPFWGprQnGtJk07QV-iIyOZyBAhlLHLN6RNFOFpsWgs04hTvE-A5wN6QVA7dj6D68gLy9LI
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