The Names of Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson is an interesting president. Your textbook seems to think so. He is one of the few who gets an entire chapter devoted to him. We have examined different aspects of his presidency and you will now be charged in doing the same.
Please make sure you read the instructions on how to join the wiki before you start anything. It is in a googledoc below.
Each of you will be assigned a word from the box below. For each word, you must do the following:
  1. Create a new page on this wiki- Your word should be at the top of it so that it is easily identifiable that the page will center on your world.
  2. Define the word. A simple definition will do, but make sure the definition matches the use of the word in the historical context. If you found the definition online, hyperlink the last part of it to the online source. If you obtained it from the textbook, make sure at the end of the definition you indicate what page from the text you obtained it from in (). For example (290).
  3. Explain how the word represents Jefferson or his presidency. This can be how the word is a part of his presidency or how the word is reflected in his presidency.
  4. Find and include a copyright free image or picture that best represents the word's meaning and the Jefferson 's connection to it- Include the site from which you took the picture/ image. Explain why you think the picture "fits." Include the site you got it from and the copyright information.
  5. Identify a film, book, current event, or song that links your word and Jefferson together- Explain what book, film, or song would represent the word and its link to Jefferson? If you can find a version of it online, feel free to hyperlink it so that the reader can get the full view of what you are addressing. YouTube would be great here!
  6. Make sure your name is at the bottom- Remember web etiquette. (First name and class period is fine.)
  7. Add a section at the bottom of your page for inviting comments.
  8. Hyperlink your page to the list below and the navigation pane on the side.
Word Box from which to choose your word. Once you choose your word, remember to hyperlink your page to it for easy access.
war hawks
laissez- faire
The Star Spangled Banner
Oliver Hazard Perry
Mississippi River
Lewis and Clark
Louisiana Purchase
12th Amendment
Henry Clay
Battle of Tippecanoe
Marbury v. Madison
Old Ironsides
Strict interpretation of Constitution
military readiness
Mr. Madison's War

Other words that can be used are here:

judicial review
War of 1812
Andrew Jackson
Francis Scott Key
desire for land
balanced budget
Port of New Orleans
Giles Corey
John Proctor
Abigail Williams
Shoshone Tribe
John Marshall

I have done a sample page for the word, "bipartisanship." Click here to see this page.
A rubric for this activity can be found when you click here.
Please read the instructions on how to join the wiki and follow those befu anything else happens.

Potential Questions and Answers for you:

Special Thanks goes out to Clarence 6 and Desiree 6 for picking up on this. Click here for instructions on how to join the wiki. This is your first step and must be done.

1) How do I create a page for my word on the wiki? Click here for an answer.
2) Where do I go to examine copyright free images on the web? Click here for an answer.
3) How do I link my page to my word in the word box? Click here for an answer.
4) How do I edit a page on the wiki? Click here for an answer.

Potential Websites for you to examine: Good for defining the word. Remember to use the textbook page number () if you use the text.
Online version of the textbook.- Username: Teacher and Password: 1teach